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New Patients

Woman and child at reception deskWhat to Expect at McCann Chiropractic

Going to the chiropractor is a new experience for many of us, and we want you to feel completely at home while you’re in our office.

During your first two visits we will determine where your health has been, where you are today and what your health goals are. We’ll let you know what you can expect from us and make sure you feel heard: we want to get to know your story!

We want you to trust that we understand your concerns while extending hope that we can be of service in providing your care.

You’ll be greeted by one of our warm staff members upon arrival, who will introduce you to our non-invasive evaluation process, which includes:

  • A detailed consultation
  • A thorough examination using the Insight Subluxation Station. This technology objectively evaluates patterns of spinal and nervous system function and is completely painless. We use COREScore, which is made up of the three most important spinal-neural tests:
  • Pulse Wave Profiling to determine your overall ability to adapt to the environment and handle stress
  • Surface EMG testing to evaluate the function of the muscles that support and move your spine
  • Thermal Scan testing to assess the function of the autonomic nervous system
  • X-rays (if necessary)

These state-of-the-art evaluations determine your current health status and need for care. Expect to spend 45 minutes in the office for your first visit.

During your second visit to our office we will present a report of findings, which will include the results of your testing. This will allow us to pinpoint where your health is today and make it possible to come up with a very clear game plan.

We will advise you as to how long it will take to overcome your health challenge, the frequency of chiropractic care necessary and all of the costs involved. We want you to have all the facts so that you can make the best decision for your family.

You’ll then be able to receive your first chiropractic adjustment!

On subsequent chiropractic visits, our doctors will provide a short analysis to see if an adjustment is needed. Most visits are no more than 15 minutes in length.

We provide ongoing education for our patients in the form of a Welcome Workshop. These one-time workshops are for all new patients, scheduled every three weeks. We invite you to bring a family member or friend to this workshop so that you can feel supported on your journey back to health. Please contact us to find out when our next session is being held.

We encourage you to also make use of our lending library, where you may check out books and DVDs to further your knowledge.

You Want Your Body Working At 100%

It’s important to understand that the nervous system controls everything in the body. You want your body working at 100% – not just for today, but the rest of your life. Once a patient begins to experience true wellness, they understand the reason to periodically receive an adjustment, even in the absence of a symptom or pain.

The first phase of chiropractic care is to repair and restore. This is the hard, but necessary, work. The second phase is the opportunity to continue to choose wellness once you’re there. This is accomplished through periodic adjustment. The choice is yours.

Our patients love our warm and welcoming office! Call (262) 782-9700 today to experience our state-of-the-art evaluations!

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