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Pregnancy Chiropractic in Brookfield

Dr Kate adjusting pregnant womanWhy Choose Chiropractic During Pregnancy?

As your body and baby grows and changes, making sure your nervous system and pelvis remain in balance is key in maintaining your health. In fact, when our patients are under care during their entire pregnancy, they often report having an easier birth, shorter labor, better energy and require less interventions during labor. We are proud to have provided natural pregnancy chiropractic care to many mothers in Brookfield and the greater Milwaukee area.

Many moms-to-be choose our practice before they’ve even conceived. We’ll provide focused care for your body that relieves and minimizes stressors to make it better prepared to conceive, grow and develop a child.

Providing Excellence in Pregnancy Care

Drs. Kate and Pat have taken numerous courses and are certified by the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association in the Webster Technique, which allows us to provide comfortable and relaxing care for pregnant women.

Dr. Kate is also active in the local birthing community to help them learn about the benefits of chiropractic care during pregnancy. By spreading the word, we’re able to help pregnant moms experience the birth they want while working as a team to bring you a new level of comfort, happiness and relaxation without the need for drugs or surgery.

Here are some of the primary benefits moms-to-be can experience while under chiropractic care:

  • Alleviates low back pain
  • Reduces labor and delivery time
  • Relieves nausea

  • Decreases heartburn
  • Allows baby to get into the optimal birth position
  • Decreases the chance of a cesarean delivery

The main objective of chiropractic care is to allow the body to heal itself by removing interference in the spinal column. When the brain and the body can communicate freely, the body is able to work as it was intended. Chiropractic helps ensure that both the mom and her baby have a healthy immune system. Their immune systems are intimately connected throughout pregnancy.


Why should I get chiropractic care during pregnancy?

There are constant physical, hormonal and mental/emotional changes that occur during pregnancy that can create stress. Chiropractic care address these. Chiropractic care also aids in establishing proper pelvic alignment and balance which provides an optimal home for baby to develop healthily and thrive. Chiropractic can also reduce pregnancy-related symptoms and discomfort such as low back/pelvic/tailbone pain, heartburn, round ligament tightness-without the use of over-the-counter medication. Many women want to avoid taking any medication during pregnancy so chiropractic is a safe and effective way to relieve discomfort while you’re expecting.

Do you work with midwives and doulas?

Yes, we work extremely close with the midwives and doulas in our area. Any time we can collaborate and be on the same team, it helps the patient. We love being part of a whole team of providers who are giving excellent care. Getting feedback from other providers about what’s going on yields better results.

Is it safe to be adjusted while pregnant?

Yes it is extremely safe. As chiropractors, Dr. Kate and Dr. Pat will determine if chiropractic is appropriate for you. If it is, your doctor will tailor your care to meet your needs.

Do you adjust pregnant women in a certain way?

Adjustments are always tailored to the patient. We have tables that are specially designed to accommodate that ever-growing belly. We also have pregnancy pillows, so lying on the table is completely comfortable. Most of the time, when moms are lying face-down, they don’t want to get up because they’re so comfortable!

Will getting chiropractic care reduce the chance that I will need intervention during my labor?

Chiropractic adjustments may reduce the likelihood that you’ll require interventions during your labor. We don’t make any promises though.

If I don’t have insurance, can you help make my care affordable?

Yes, we offer cash discounts for individuals and families. We will always be upfront with cost before starting care.

Have the Birth You Want

Our Brookfield chiropractors would love to help you prior to, during and after your pregnancy. Let us bring your body in balance during this exciting time! Learn more about how our techniques and experience can help your growing family.

Interested in an optimal pregnancy? Contact McCann Chiropractic today to book an appointment!

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