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Meet the Team at McCann Chiropractic

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Dr. Patrick (Pat) McCann

Dr. Pat McCann with daughtersDr. Pat hurt his back one year while playing football in high school. Desperate for relief, he visited a chiropractor in town. After only three adjustments, he was back on the field playing. Dr. Pat was always enamored by the holistic approach to healing, and after his football experience, began to consider chiropractic as a career choice.

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Dr. Kate McCann

Dr. Kate McCann with daughtersAs a high school athlete Dr. Kate began to have back pain and by her senior year was unable to compete due to pain. After being referred to a pain management clinic and masking symptoms for a year she was introduced to chiropractic by a college roommate.

Not only did chiropractic heal her back but she also saw great relief from seasonal allergies and chronic sinus infections she had been suffering with for years. This experience dramatically fueled Dr. Kate’s desire to be in a healing profession, and she made the decision to become a chiropractor.

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Ashley Ranieri

Ashley Ranieri profileAshley was born and raised in Waukesha, WI. She comes from a large Italian family where every Monday night is spaghetti night. Ashley enjoys spending time with her husband Clinton and their black lab, Vada. In her spare time, she absolutely adores the company of her 4 nieces, 2 nephews, 4 great nieces and great nephew. She loves going to the movies and catching up on Netflix shows. Go ahead and ask her about her favorite movie, “My Cousin Vinny”.

After starting school at WCTC Pewaukee to pursue a career in Pediatric Nursing, Ashley soon realized she had a greater passion for healthcare management. With over 22+ years of customer service experience, a college background in early childhood education, healthcare management and previous chiropractic knowledge Ashley is a tremendous asset to our team.

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Ashley is extremely passionate about chiropractic care and its benefits for children with ADD/ADHD and sensory processing challenges because at a young age she was diagnosed with ADD. She seeks out chiropractic care to help her with her everyday struggles with ADD. Having struggled with ADD since she was a child, Ashley is always willing to lend a listening ear to children or parents dealing with these challenges.

Silken Buska

Silken profileSilken is happily married to an art teacher and loves him a whole lot! In their spare time they enjoy hiking, taking walks and playing games with their family. When she’s not working at the chiropractic office (or hanging out with hubs), she’s a choreographer for the Fine Arts Academy in Muskego and Grafton High School’s musical.

Silken grew up wanting more options when it came to health and healing but didn’t understand all the possibilities until her mom’s cancer journey. She learned to look at the body as a whole and has never turned back. She’s a huge nerd and loves learning about holistic health. As she leaned into God’s design, she was brought into the wonder that is chiropractic.

Silken’s favorite thing about chiropractic care is that she loves knowing her body is gaining resiliency and the ability to adapt to life’s everyday stressors. Score!


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