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Meet the McCann Chiropractic Team

Jenny Dombrowski

McCann Chiropractic Chiropractic Assistant, Jenny Dombrowski

Jenny and her beautiful family

Jenny grew up in Hales Corners, Wisconsin. She attended the University of Wisconsin Whitewater, and later transferred to the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, where she majored in communications. Shortly after, Jenny’s focused changed when she met her husband Tony. In 2008, Jenny decided to put her career goals on hold to become a stay at home mom to her twins and her stepson. After a couple of years, she decided to go back to work part time as a member service associate at a gym. Now, with the kids being older and in school, she felt she wanted to put more of a focus on a new career.”I feel not only did I find a great career helping people, but a career that will benefit my family’s health!

Before working at McCann Chiropractic, Jenny had never been adjusted. She also never realized the benefits that Chiropractic care could have for her whole family! Since being adjusted regularly by Dr. Pat and Dr. Kate,”I feel that my body is preforming at its very best. Since following my personal care plan, I feel my body is running more efficiently, as well as helping to deal with everyday mom stresses. I am so excited to learn and see what greatness it will create for my family including my children.

Jenny’s family is very important to her and she knows how important your family is to you. She is excited to share with you the greatness chiropractic care can have on your family too!

Lorraine Lawrenz



Lorraine was born and raised in Brookfield WI. She loves staying active by going on long walks around town and playing soccer. Lorraine is attending school at Moraine Park Technical College in West Bend where she is studying to become a Chiropractic Technician.

Lorraine started out as a patient of Dr. Pat’s. Before becoming a team member of McCann Chiropractic, Lorraine had never been adjusted. She suffered with neck and lower back pain. “Thanks to chiropractic care my quality of life has improved tremendously! My pain is gone and my focus and memory have improved as well.”

As a Front Desk Coordinator, Lorraine is eager to show you and your family the power of chiropractic care. Because of her experience as a patient, Lorraine knows where you have been and can address any concerns you may have about getting started with chiropractic care. “I am extremely grateful to be part of the team at McCann Chiropractic and I’m excited to continue to educate people through my position.”

Kristin Flynn



When her husband’s job moved the Illinois couple to Wisconsin, Kristin took the opportunity for a change in career. After working in the beauty industry for 8 years, she wanted to remain at a job that would still help people feel the best that they possibly could.

Before her chiropractic journey began, Kristin was a chronic sufferer of sinus infections, neck pain and insomnia. Since being under care her health concerns have drastically improved. She is incredibly excited to help people on their own chiropractic journey towards optimal health and to educate others on the importance of chiropractic care.

During her pregnancy it was especially important for Kristin to receive continued adjustments to help with her low back and hip discomfort. As her pregnancy progressed chiropractic kept her pelvis in great alignment. “I knew it would help for an easier labor if I remained aligned.”

After witnessing all of the awesome pediatric chiropractic care in our office, it was of utmost importance to Kristin and her husband that Beau get adjusted as soon as he could after being born. “I knew how much babies go through during delivery. At 5 days old he received his first adjustment. It was gentle and non-invasive and there were zero tears.” Beau had no colic or
reflux issues, is a great sleeper and eater, has an incredible immune system and is always happy. “I full heartedly believe that we have chiropractic care to thank for all of it.”

Kristin enjoys reading, working out and spending time with her husband Patrick, their son Beau, and dog Marley.

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